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Greetings All,

Now that the holidays are over, we need to turn our thoughts to Gulf War.
With the pre-registration deadline quickly approaching (1/31/03), we need to
begin the process of reserving land in the Ansteorran encampment. To that
end, I have included information regarding this process along with some
frequently asked questions about land and Gulf War in general. Please
contact myself or your regional land coordinator if you have any questions.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,


Ansteorran Liaison, Gulf War XII

Many groups, such as baronies, shires and households prefer to camp together
at the war. In order to do this, these groups must reserve land together by
following the process below.

·        All individuals must pre-register by 1/31/03

o       Please note the group you're camping with and your kingdom of
residence (i.e. Group: Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Kingdom: Ansteorra)

·        Contact your regional land coordinator (see list below) and inform
them that you wish a camp with a particular group. It is recommended (though
not required), that each group designate one person to work with the
regional coordinator on behalf of the group.

o       The following information must be provided to the Regional Land

§         Your mundane & SCA name

§         Tent size

§         Size of common area request (such as a group kitchen or dining

·        Please note: group areas may be requested and the land staff will
do our best to provide them but we can not guarantee that you will get them

·        Group requests must be made by 2/15/03

Regional Land Coordinators:

            North: Baron Míchél mac Donnchaid - mg1m at swbell.net

            Central: Lady Honour Du Bois - mysticfalcon at onebox.com

            West: H.L. Agnarr Thorvaldsson - agnarr at quik.com

            South: H.E. Sir Pendaran Glamorgan - twinoak at cox-internet.com

      Coastal: H.E. Sir Galen Kirchenbauer - galenbv at ix.netcom.com


"Can I get on the early on list?"

-        Sorry, but the early on list is very limited and has been closed
for some time now. We do, however, need some volunteers to stay late on
Sunday and help with clean up.

"How much room do we get per person?"

-        Each pre-reserved person receives 10X15 feet of land regardless of
how many people are camping in a given tent. For example, if two people are
sharing a 10X10 tent, they still get 10X15 of land for each of those people,
for a total of 20X15 feet of land. Any extra land can be used for common
areas or whatever the group wishes to do with it.

"What's the deal with group/common areas?"

-        The land staff realizes that groups usually need common areas for
kitchens, dining or just hanging out and we try our very best to reserve
enough land for your group to have one. We cannot, however, guarantee that
there will be enough available land hence we allow each group to request a
space, but warn that it is not guaranteed.

"What if we want to let our friend camp with us even though he didn't

-        Each group will receive their allotted amount of land based on the
number of pre-registered people. That should leave enough land for people to
camp comfortably. If the group chooses to let more people in even though
they didn't pre-registered, it can, but the group will not receive
additional land and things will get very crowded.

"How can we get better land this year?"

-        The land staff is very aware of the layout of the land and what
happens when it rains. Every year we do our best to make sure that each
group gets good land but unfortunately we can't guarantee that it will
happen - there simply isn't always enough good land to go around. Still, if
your group camped in a particularly bad area last year, please advise your
regional coordinator, and we'll do our best to make things better this year.


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