[Northkeep] WinterKingdom is Coming--Plea for Teachers

Amanda Blackwolf amandablackwolf at cox.net
Wed Jan 8 10:05:03 PST 2003

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Hail all gentles of Ansteorra!

The Barony of Northkeep is holding it's annual wInterKingdom on January 25th at the Stillwater Community Center in Stillwater, OK. Gate fee is $10 for adults, children from 6-12 are $6, kids 5 and under are free. Don't forget the Non-Member surcharge.....bring those blue cards!

Lady Zahava batHannah is providing our feast. Adults $7, kids 6-12 $3, and kids under 5 are free. Please contact her at zahavabathannah at yahoo.com with any questions.
    1st Remove: Olives/cheeses/pita w/hummus
    2nd Remove: Greek Salad/Bourekas (cheese puff pastry)
    3rd Remove: Dolmas (Stuffed grape leaves)/ Roasted Eggplant & Feta
    4th Remove: Greek stew/New Years' Day, Vasilopitta Bread
    5th Remove: Baklava/ Stuffed dates

The doors open at 8 am, and classes begin at 9am.

"What classes" you ask.

Why, I'm glad you asked! We have teachers for the following classes:
    Spoon & Ladle Fabrication
    Seneschal Class
    List Mistressing 101
    Assisi Embroidery
    Beginning Embroidery <kid friendly>
    Drop Spindle
    Cotton Spinning
    Historical Firearms for Beginners
    Archeology and the SCA
    The Medieval Mindset
    Advanced Archery Techniques Roundtable
    Care and Feeding of Sewing Machines
    The Back Wall at Hancock's: Sewing Notions
    Lucet Braiding
    Bread of the 15th and 16th Centuries
    Beginning Recipe Redaction
    Batatas and Papas: Potatoes and the SCA Feast
    Basic Documentation: Help in Getting You Started
    Mehndi: Historical Body Art Without Pain
    Book Binding

    For Children:
        Children's Weaving--Make a small pouch
        Heraldry for Children
        Beginning Book Heraldry
        Middle Eastern Dance for Children
        Raising Kids in the SCA

What??? You were going to teach a class and you don't see it listed???? You forgot to get me your class description form......I KNEW it....the holidays got you too! Not a problem, email me, amandablackwolf at cox.net for a class description form. Easy as pie, open it, type in your info, save it and e-mail it back to me! We have plenty of teaching opportunities available!

Please see the Northkeep website for up to date information.

Amanda Blackwolf
amandablackwolf at cox.net

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