[Northkeep] WinterKingdom Addendum Number 2

Amanda Blackwolf amandablackwolf at cox.net
Thu Jan 9 12:33:03 PST 2003

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Unto the good gentles of Ansteorra,

The preliminary class description list for wInterKingdom is now on-line. There are a few classes that haven't made it to the list yet...notably the Bookbinding by HL Rhiannon Redwolf, Side Sword by Ld Johann, Beginning Card Weaving by Emer, Rounds for Kids by Master Beorhtric, and Rounds by HL Rhiannon Redwolf, Getting the Most Out of Your Sewing Machine by Ly. Magdelena da Cadamosto. These will be added as soon as I can. I am currently compiling the schedule and send word when it is available for your perusal.

If you haven't considered teaching yet, please do!

Amanda Blackwolf

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