[Northkeep] Cracked Anvil VI UPDATE!!!!!!!

Frederick die Alten fzeiler at ar-digit.net
Tue Jan 21 19:42:31 PST 2003

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Here is the latest information for the Shire of Smythkepe's Cracked Anvil
Collegium to be held February 15, 2003 at St Michael's Catholic Church in
Van Buren, AR.

In addition to the day's classes, in honor of our Margrave neighbors, there be heavy weapons fighting in the
form of a  Swiss Five Tourney:

          1st Round - Sword and Shield

          2nd Round - Single Sword

          3rd Round - Pole weapon

          4th Round - Short Spear

          5th Round - Great Sword

The fighter with the most wins will be declared the winner and will receive
a nifty prize from the Smythkepe Prize Chest (no, I WON'T say what it is...
you'll just have to attend and find out ;) )

Stay tuned for further updates!

For more information regarding Cracked Anvil VI, please contact one of the

Autocrat: THL Moira nic Bryn (mka Cathy Armstrong) 479-462-7378
moirabryn at yahoo.com

"Food Wrangler": Bridget O'Fallon (mka Cathy Simkins) 479-929-5362
ozarkitty at aol.com


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