[Northkeep] newbie

Danielle hegclan1 at valornet.com
Tue Jan 28 10:44:26 PST 2003

i was at populace last night and have already started working on my

1) who do i talk to  about calligraphy? i used to have my own very small
wedding invitation mundanely but obviously need to brush up (haha) and put
my work back in time. the scroll awards last night looked fantastic. looking
forward to doing that again. i have no period equipment.

2) husband & i are both interested in archery. who do i talk to? i have no

3) i think i'm interested in the needleworkers guild. i already do crochet
and crosstitch. but obviously have to get back into the period. definitely
interested in weaving and looming. who do i talk to? where does the guild

4) where does "huzzah" come from as well as the hurray exclamation we made
last night?

5) how do i go about "registering" my personna? when do i do that?

danielle hegdale

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