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Do you know who I would contact about the Namron MedFaire?  Zaina's dance troupe is interested in performing there.

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  These are the names that I have--

  Uilliacc macuilliacc and lady
  HL Therese Maria Giovanni,Don Timothy LeCorbusier,

  Damon Hroarson, Ismet Sevdah, Debroah bat Yoseph (BUT
  I NEED THE TAG ##!!)

  Susan the Curious
  Faolan MacFarland
  randel lee and tamberlin
  Thormund and Amanda Blackwolf
  John Yates
  Evan Der Fultime
  Baron Ainar Magnusson, Baroness Mercedes de Cerdanya
  Lucan Silverwolf

  If your name is NOT on this list I don't have your
  info and will not be able to get you a parking tag. If
  you would like to be added to this list, I need the
  following info by 6pm TONIGHT!!

  SCA name
  mundane name
  what days you will be there
  car tag#
  and what you will be doing to help with the DEMO!

  Thanks Guys!!
  <zahavabathannah at yahoo.com>

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