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Edward Candland ecandland at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 28 11:48:27 PST 2003

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I see we are getting more newcomers and I was wondering if we ever had or if anyone ever thought about a newcomers guild.

When I stated out in the SCA I lived in Gyldenholt in the Kingdom of Caid. They had a newcomers guild. This guild met once a month for 5 months (the last was optional). The first session was an Introduction to the SCA, the second was on SCA fighting arts, the third was titled "Who Am I? Who Are They" (and covered things like how to develop a name, persona and device and how to address people of rank), the forth was A & S and the last was called "The Finer Points". At each session the officers that covered that area would come in a speak on their area of specialty. After you went through all 4-5 sessions and helped out at one event you received an award.  I'm sure it was a lot of work for all involved and I'm not sure if we have enough new people to warrant something like this. But for the newcomer it was MOST helpful to get a good overview of the SCA and to meet everyone that they might need to know. Also much of the populace would show up for support. It's just an idea I thought I'd toss out there.

Thanks, Fàelàn

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