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Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 28 20:39:30 PST 2003

Greetings All

As a follow-up to HL Etienne's answer to our new friend, Danielle, and in
response to the questions of a couple of people at Populace I thought I
would put out some information about the Scribal Guild.  The Northkeep
Scribal Guild, under the auspices of our Herald, Lady Rosamund, meets at my
house the third thursday of each month.  For February that is the 20th.  We
welcome any one interested in any aspects of the scribal arts; painting,
calligraphy, design, history, even those just curious about what it is.
Lady Rosamund just picked up a new batch of blank charters for painting,
and we have retired charters for those not quite sure of their skills who
would like to practice first.  We also have paints and brushes to share for
those who need them.  Though a lot of our focus is on painting award
charters for the crown (about 200 are needed each reign), anyone is welcome
to come and work on their own projects.  At least one person usually brings
some wonderful project or book for us all to admire and covet--oh, and we
often have homemade treats.

I will post a reminder for the meeting the week of the 20th as well as my
address and directions for new folks.

In Service


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