[Northkeep] Re:Lilies drive times [WAS]Lily's War & May/June Dates

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Wed Jan 29 13:25:29 PST 2003

Pulling the trailer (prefer 4 lane when towing), we take I-44 to Joplin, 71 to KC, east loop around KC to I35 north.   5 hours +-5 min from driveway to site with 1 fuel/walk around stop.

W/O the trailer, going directly up 169 to 35 and taking the west loop around KC it took 4h 40 min. with a fuel stop in Olathe (4h).

Your time may vary depending on how fast _you_ drive.  We stay within 5 of limit and often under when towing.


"Amanda Blackwolf" <amandablackwolf at cox.net> wrote:

>Now, why do I think I can't go to ALL of those heraldic events? I think my
>Lord would consider it deserting! Next question....how long does it take
>folks from here to get to the Lillie's Site? Mapquest says 5 hours 20 min.
>but they are notorious for being wrong.

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