[Northkeep] heheh

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I dunno.  Just wait...
Here's a spoiler for Return of the King.

> Those of you who loved the "additions" to The Two Towers have
> a real treat
> in store for you in The Return of the King...

[This is gonna hurt.]

Derek Wilson <dwilson at dollar.com> wrote:

>Oh a smacking IS deserved....
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>Ok came across this and just couldn't help it.  You all may smack me around
>later if needed.
>"Gandalf, Gandalf! Take the ring!
>I am too small to carry this thing!"
>"I can not, will not hold the One.
>You have a slim chance, but I have none.
>I will not take it on a boat,
>I will not take it across a moat.
>I cannot take it under Moria,
>that's one thing I can't do for ya.
>I would not bring it into Mordor,
>I would not make it to the border."
>-excerpt from Dr. Suess's FOTR.
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