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Stacy Robinson katrenfitzgerald at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 13 16:40:11 PST 2003

Calling All Merchants!
The Incipent Canton of Rivers Run invites you to
attend River War, Feb 21-23. This will be a great
opportunity for you to sell your wares, especially,
(drum roll please) that as merchants, you do not have
to pay site fee!!! All that is required of you is a
donation equivalent to site, and a donation to
merchant. each item must be approx $10 in value,
deemed by each merchant, and they will go to silent
auctions that weekend benefitting the canton's coffers
for future events. All merchants will recieve credit
on the bid sheets, so everyone will know where your
fine goods went. As far as space and Merchant's Row
goes, we will not be having it in the valley where it
is usually held. Instead, we are setting up merchant
tables around the perimeter of the feast hall and any
pavillions outside the doors and down the 2 major
paths on each side. This means more people will see
you without meandering down to the valley :) If you
have tables please bring your own as we have a very
limited supply, and the only time restriction is that
you must close down before 3:00 for the wedding and
feast following. You are however, highly encouraged
to open up after court, after the fashion of the
midnight madness sales at wars! I hope all can attend,
if you have any questions or concerns please email me
at <brigitsilverowl at yahoo.com> or call at
580-763-6022, any time before 10 pm. Also, if you are
really needing hall space, email me and let me know so
i can get an idea of how many we will have. it will
still be set up on a first come first serve basis, but
i will try and accomodate everyone i can!

In Service,
Brigit Silverowl Haddock (soon to be McCallum,hehe)
Deputy A & S, Rivers Run
Merchant Steward, River Wars

In Service to Crown and Kingdom

Katren Fitzgerald

Insipiant Canton of Rivers Run

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