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I was hoping to give Susanna a public thank you last night for the great
job she did as Reeve, and welcome Nadine as well.


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Oh - I think we may have neglected to mention last night that Nadine des
Jardins is our new Reeve.  Since her class schedule will keep her away
Populace meetings for this semester she is actively seeking a deputy who
would be willing to take money and give receipts at Populace, as well as
handle the cash disbursement request forms.  If you are going to need to
a check at populace, e-mail Nadine before hand - at least a few days in
advance and she will make arrangements to have the check at Populace.
Please help us make this a smooth transition from Susanna to Nadine and
please take a moment to thank Susanna for her time as Reeve, one of the
demanding jobs in the SCA.

BTW - Nadine's email is peachykeen at moose-mail.com

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