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Well if it was a small group we could have it at my apartment. I think I
have seats for 7 and could get a dozen friendly people in if need be.

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Every once in a while we've had a Newcomers class--
just a one evening get-together thing.

If there is enough interest (and someone volunteers a
place to hold it) I'd be willing to teach it.


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> I see we are getting more newcomers and I was
> wondering if we ever had or if anyone ever thought
> about a newcomers guild.
> When I stated out in the SCA I lived in Gyldenholt
> in the Kingdom of Caid. They had a newcomers guild.
> This guild met once a month for 5 months (the last
> was optional). The first session was an Introduction
> to the SCA, the second was on SCA fighting arts, the
> third was titled "Who Am I? Who Are They" (and
> covered things like how to develop a name, persona
> and device and how to address people of rank), the
> forth was A & S and the last was called "The Finer
> Points". At each session the officers that covered
> that area would come in a speak on their area of
> specialty. After you went through all 4-5 sessions
> and helped out at one event you received an award.
> I'm sure it was a lot of work for all involved and
> I'm not sure if we have enough new people to warrant
> something like this. But for the newcomer it was
> MOST helpful to get a good overview of the SCA and
> to meet everyone that they might need to know. Also
> much of the populace would show up for support. It's
> just an idea I thought I'd toss out there.
> Thanks, Fàelàn
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