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Welcome to Northkeep. My name is Diethelm Waltorfer your current Archery
Marshal. Once we get the site, dates and times verified. We will begin
having archery practice and training if you so desire. Keep an eye on this
list for further developments. But This does not mean we can't have a
offline discussion to help you determine what it is you do or don't need and
where you might acquire these items. Hopefully soon we will be back in the
full swing of archery. So feel free to contact me directly at this email
address or at the following.

Home Phone: 918-665-2026

Diethelm Waltorfer
Archery Marshal, Northkeep

Shoot Straight, Shoot Fast, if they don't fall, hit em with a stick.

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I can answer some of your questions.

1) who do i talk to  about calligraphy?
There are several people in the barony involved in painting charters or
calligraphy.  The scribal guild meeting on the third Thursday of each
month would likely be a good place to start.  It is held at Lady
Siobhan's home.  Watch for an announcement on this list and then email
Lady Siobhan for directions to her home.

2) husband & i are both interested in archery. who do i talk to? i have
Archery Marchal is Lord Diethelm.  They are looking for an indoor site
but I don't think any practices are occurring now.  Watch here and at
populace for further announcements.

3) i think i'm interested in the needleworkers guild.
I believe that guild meets at the home of our Baron and Baroness but I
don't know more details than that.  Someone else may reply.

4) where does "huzzah" come from as well as the hurray exclamation we
last night?
Hmmm... History of acclaimations...  The exclamation you heard last
night was "Vivat!"  I would have to look it up again but I think it is a
Latin derived "Long Life" kind of comment.

5) how do i go about "registering" my personna? when do i do that?
You do not have to register your persona.  Ever.  You can register a
medieval name and also arms (heraldic shield image) with the college of
heralds.  Contact Lady Rosamund, the Baronial Herald for more info at
northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org.

There is also an online calendar of events and activities via the
baronial web site.  Start at http://northkeep.ansteorra.org/ and see
what further questions arise.

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