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There is generally an Ansteorran camp - Mistress Ceridwen rents a large tent
that we reimburse her for (generally she asks about $10 a person) and we
kind of camp around it.  There's usually another Ansteorran faction that
camps down closer to the lake............it's cooler there and you get a
little more breeze.

Wilhelm and Angelique, and Damon and Ismet camped with us last year (Etienne
slept in his chair under the big pavilion.)  There was a group from Namron
that camped further down the road and then Asoph's group down on the point
somewhere.  Wyn and Cat were there but I don't know where they were camped
and I think Evan was there but again, I don't know where he was camped.  In
the two years before that we had the Royals from Ansteorra with us, Drake as
King and Timo as Prince one year and then Duncan and Larissa as Prince &
Princess the next.

As to what I take - I take too much - just ask Ainar after he's finished
packing the trailer - he'll tell you. :)

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What do you guys take to war? I mean from the downright obvious to the
things you get to site and say DARN IT, I forgot.....x.
Being June in Calontir, it's liable to be fairly warm. What tips for staying
cool? What are the average night time temperatures?
Is there a Northkeep *camp*?

I'm sure I'll find more questions,
Amanda Blackwolf,
Newcomer to War

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