[Northkeep] Which event to attend? THANKS!

Montega Blackdragon montega_blackdragon at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 15 13:53:54 PDT 2003

WOW, thanks for the info guys! Unfortunately it doesn't clear anything up 
cause now I wanna go to ALL of them!!! LOL But, looks like I will be hitting 
all the ones close to home and also Calon Coronation.. that should be cool.. 
outside of that I will think of some others to go to. I want to go to 
Pennsic one of these days. (Dont we all!) Anyway, thanks for all the info! 
You guys rock!!!


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>Montega, here's some alternatives traveling plans for me too :)
>Just my opinion...
>AUG 8-10 Pennsic XXXII and/or 15-17 Pennsic XXXII
>Ditto what Ian said.
>AUG 29-31 Valor Tournament (Calontir)
>The Calontiri (our neighbors to the north and east) are some awesomely 
>hosts, and throw a wonderful event.  The Barony of Vatavia (Wichita Kansas) 
>the host for this event, and they are cool people.
>Or Gothic War (West Texas)
>OK, this event is typically for the die-hard fighter (let's see West Texas, 
>summer, dust...) but I'll be heading there nonetheless.
>SEPT 5-7 Calontir Coronation
>Wanna see what another kingdom does?  JoeAngus and Phaedra will be crowned 
>their second reign, and it will be about an hour or two away from Tulsa.
>Probably the shortest drive you'll get to see a coronation unless Balvin 
>up again this fall :)
>SEPT 12-14 Mooneschadowe Guardian XXIII - Mooneschadowe
>Yah, come one down!!!
>SEPT 19-21 German Fest - Brad Leah
>Ditto.  Brad Leah People are Cool!
>Sept 26-28 Diamond Wars (Meridies)
>Well, I won't be going this year due to Mundane obligations, but the 
>kingdom of
>Meridies hosts another all-around groovy event.  Lots of food, fighting, 
>and once again the hosts are extremely nice, and they are many great 
>Can't comment too heavily on the other things, cause, well, the parts I 
>mentioned usually wear me out.
>OCT  3-5 Battle of Three Kings - Rosenfeld
>The Battle of Three Kings is one of the neatest scenario based events in 
>kingdom.  EVERYBODY gets involved, as the winning team has to compete in 
>armoured melees, A&S, archery, service and other events.  Its got something 
>everybody..  This is the first time in recent history that they are doing 
>this early in the year, so weather comments of previous years are probably 
>OCT 10-12 Blood of Heroes - Grimfells Calontir
>Melee event, and truly one of the most fun melees to watch.  I'll be there 
>OCT 24-26 Samhain Celebration - Eldern Hills
>Should be great again. Usually good tourney and melees, and there will 
>be another concurrent demo at the Mason's Temple this year.
>NOV - Too far in the future..
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