[Northkeep] standing stones type events

Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 16 03:31:55 PDT 2003

>Sept 19-21 Byzantine Event - Standing Stones (Columbia, MO)
>Once again, I don't want to discourage attendance at an Ansteorran event 
>(I'm inclined to Germanfest event because of the brewing/vinting thing 
>being planned) but, for those with an eastern interest the event in Stones 
>may be interesting.
>   ])amon
>      Member of the Damon & Ismet interkingdom anthropology team.

Ive been to 3 or 4 melee events at Standing Stones.  Lots of really nice 
people, good fighting.  You know, "hanging out w/ Calons type stuff". They 
sing a bit too much for my taste, but Im willing to overlook it  cause they 
throw good parties.  Last time I was up there for a pre Pennsic war 
practice, they had a brand new site that featured an air conditioned 
"camping" area.  Good fighting, good parties, and air condition! Sheesh, 
I'll even sing for those :-)


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