[Northkeep] Here is to sharing joyous accolades on this celebratory birthing occasion!

Jerry Herring jherring at upperspace.com
Fri Jul 18 08:13:42 PDT 2003

Greetings unto her most auspicious birthday highness, "Mary" Faolan

It is with unfathomed delectation,  and obeisance that I tender to the
multitudinously indulgent of birthday wishes.

On this most reverent of occasions I pray that we find your refulgent and
pulchritudinous visage beaming with the joy that is reflected in our
velleity for you allowing us to know of this rapturous occasion. Forthwith
and through out the hours of this day and those that follow my merest
thought shall be that you have the grandest and most sumptuous of birthdays.
On this day of days how can we not revel for the gift that your mere
presence is to those of us propitious enough to be your friends. There is no
praise, no poem, or song that I could raise up to the masses that would do
justice to you and all that you mean to us.

And so it is with unbridled presentiment that I share in honoring you by
showering you with this and many more tributes worthy of such a deserving
and precious friend. It is with humble reverence and happiness that I
finally draw to an end this birthday greeting. I can only hope that you take
as much joy from its reading as I have in its crafting.

In the kindest of regards I remain your humble and honored friend,
Ian Dun Gillan

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