[Northkeep] My events

Montega Blackdragon montega_blackdragon at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 22 19:25:30 PDT 2003

Finally got them all lined out. Thought I would post it in case someone 
needed a ride to an event. I have some room.

8/29 Wiesenfeuer Baronial  ( I will be up on Sat night for this one)
9/12  Mooneschadowe Guardian
9/25 Diamond Wars  (Really looking forward to this one!)
10/10 Namron Protectorate
10/24 Samhain Celebration
12/5  Wiesenfeuer Yule

There will be some other events that I show up to on Sat Night depending on 
how far away it is.  Anyway, if anyone wants to roadtrip let me know!


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