[Northkeep] Period artifacts for sale

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Thu Jul 31 06:42:27 PDT 2003

Yeah, Ismet and I wondered about it as well.  Particularly the ushapti's <sp?>.  The Egyptians tend to be really anal about their antiquities. (Understandable)  On the other hand Ismet pointed out that even a small site could yield hundreds of the things so their export might not be so tightly controlled.

There used to be a guy who would show up at Medfair to merchant papyrus art, clothes, etc. from Egypt.   He was an Army Officer who regularly went there officially.  Said he'd made friends with a bunch of bedoin who'd bring him things the desert regularly turned up.  That year he had a small selection of spear points and a few small coins.  Authentic?  Probably.  Legal exports?  Could be argued by lawyers for years.


"Marc Carlson" <marccarlson20 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>>From: "Dawson, Lynne" <dawsonl at unionps.org>
>>Thanks for the warning. It never occurred to me to check the dealer out.
>By the way, I should stress I am NOT being critical for Damon having posted 
>it.  If it's a good dealer, you should go for it.
>This is just a really hot topic in archaeological circles, and it's 
>something I've had trouble with in the past working with materials that 
>later turned out to me, er, dubious....

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