[Northkeep] Sept. Middle Eastern Dance Competition

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Thu Jul 3 11:35:04 PDT 2003


I have already decided to go to this event as I would also like to attend
more events in the Texas part of our great kingdom.  I may even be able to
talk Aethelred into driving me down so, anyone interested in going let us
know and we'll work out our usual food and camping arrangements!  

Lahoma (who can cook but doesn't like to carry heavy stuff!!!)

(918)456-0671 X2487

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My lords & ladies,

     I will be attending the event, but I don't know if my drumming skills
will be up to participate for Northkeep.  There has been discussion about
the north not participating in the southern areas of Ansteorra, is there a
way I might obtain Northkeep colors/insignias or something similar so I
might shine for Northkeep or are they an award level/favor that I need to
obtain first?

     I would be willing to car pool/camp with others...I can't cook very
well. . . 


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