[Northkeep] above/below salt at Calon's Coronation

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Wed Jul 9 10:42:50 PDT 2003

There've been a number of them where it worked quite well.  I know iof one in the East Kingdom where the main menu didn't change so much as the service.

The flyer includes the following:
> a hearty meal of beans and cornbread below the salt.


"John Sandstrom" <john.sandstrom at verizon.net> wrote:
>I wish them luck and hope someone will pass on how it worked for them.
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>Subject: [Northkeep] above/below salt at Calon's Coronation
>> I noted this  about the feast in the event
>> announcement that HL Damon posted for the Calontir
>> Coronation: 
>> > Above the Salt $8 (first 100 only)
>> > Below the Salt $2
>> > 
>> I know what above and below the salt means
>> historicaly, but how does it work in SCA feasts?
>> Zahava

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