[Northkeep] Rapier Practice on Friday

greddi66 at juno.com greddi66 at juno.com
Fri Jul 11 07:54:35 PDT 2003

To All;

This is a reminder that Mooneschadowe will be having
Rapier practice at 6 PM. on Friday at Boomer Lake.
West side of the lake and North pavilion.

Rafe Slater
Provost of Northkeep
Rapier Marshal of Mooneschadowe 

I am interested in attending, but don't know if I can make it by 6pm. I am new to Adult Rapier, have most of my own equipment (UnderGarment, Mask, Epee & Gloves). I currently learning with an Epee and don't know if you can fit me in. Please let me know.

Ron (from Northkeep Proper)

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