[Northkeep] Which event to attend?

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Just my opinion...
AUG 8-10 Pennsic XXXII and/or 15-17 Pennsic XXXII
If you can go to Pensic at least once in your life in the SCA it is worth

AUG 29-31 Wiesenfeuer Baronial - Wiesenfeuer
This event almost always sets the mood for the fall event season.

SEPT 12-14 Mooneschadowe Guardian XXIII - Mooneschadowe
The Feast at this event is almost always one of the best in the fall event

SEPT 19-21 German Fest - Brad Leah
I have on good word that this event promises to be a blast.

OCT  3-5 Battle of Three Kings - Rosenfeld
Wars are always fun.

OCT 10-12 Namron Protectorate - Namron
It is good to have neighbors who throw good events.

OCT 24-26 Samhain Celebration - Eldern Hills
I personally have some how managed to miss this event every year but I have
heard really good things about it.

NOV 14-16 Autumn Melees - Bordermarch
Fighting, Fun, Frivolity can't beat it.

DEC 5-7 Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel
Good way to wrap things up for the year.

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I'm looking over the calendar for events

I am trying to decide which ones to attend. Since I am new at this, I
thought I would just send this out there and see what Populace has to say on
what events would be the best ones to attend. So, if you want to add an
opinion, feel free! I'd like to hear from ya!



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