[Northkeep] Which event to attend?

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Tue Jul 15 06:02:06 PDT 2003

>>AUG 29-31 Valor Tournament (Calontir)
>>The Calontiri (our neighbors to the north and east) are some awesomely 
>>hosts, and throw a wonderful event.  The Barony of Vatavia (Wichita Kansas) is
>>the host for this event, and they are cool people.
>I would love to go to this one, they are so nice.

Let me add my _DO_THIS_ONE_ (You expected less? ^_^) Actually, I have nothing against our Ansteorran brothers but if you are a Greatsword or Bastard Sword fighter, the Valor Tourney was made _for_you.  There's more fighting, etc. than just the Valor tourney itself so don't feel put off if you're not a knuckle dragging armor carrier.

Alcyoneus (Spelling?), Baron of Vatavia, monitors this list and has expressed some distress at conflicting with something so close because he loves attending events in Anstteorra unfortunately Valor has been established on this weekend for more than 20 years.  

>>SEPT 5-7 Calontir Coronation
>>Wanna see what another kingdom does?  JoeAngus and Phaedra will be crowned for
>>their second reign, and it will be about an hour or two away from Tulsa.
>>Probably the shortest drive you'll get to see a coronation unless Balvin steps
>>up again this fall :)

Northkeep's (and Ansteorra's) Grimfellon friends have made great efforts to reopen the old roads across our borders.  I'll admit I don't know Joe Angus well but Phaedra has made a point of thanking Ismet and I for attending Calon events every time she's seen us.  It looks like a direct conflict with Dionadair but it's worth considering.

>>SEPT 12-14 Mooneschadowe Guardian XXIII - Mooneschadowe
>>Yah, come one down!!!
Oh yeah!

Left off:
Sept 19-21 Byzantine Event - Standing Stones (Columbia, MO)
Once again, I don't want to discourage attendance at an Ansteorran event (I'm inclined to Germanfest event because of the brewing/vinting thing being planned) but, for those with an eastern interest the event in Stones may be interesting. 

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