[Northkeep] Rapier Practice Cancled due to heat

Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Tue Jul 15 16:17:53 PDT 2003

It's true that most of the library rooms stay pretty booked up, but there is no requirement that you book way in advance.  Phone numbers of all branches are available at www.tulsalibrary.org .  Surprisingly, I've been most successful at booking Aaronson Auditorium at Central Library.  Room for an entire listfield . . .

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  Nope, sorry Ron. We no longer have an indoor alternative.

  Puck and Mary got the library auditorium for us, but I believe that has to
  be reserved way in advance.

  Any climate controlled space we could use would be great.


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  Cancelled !?!?
  Don't we have an alternate location? How much space do we need? I might have
  a possible solution. . .

  Ron (491-4010w)
  I wanna learn, I wanna fight. . .

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