[Northkeep] Hiya, just wanted to drop a line

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Fri Jul 18 06:01:43 PDT 2003

welcome to Northkeep! We look forward to seeing you at events.  When it
isn't cancelled due to heat, the wednesday fighter practices are a great
opportunity to meet people and socialize and find those who share your

in service,


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> yes hello,
>      I am Renher, one of the populace of Chemin Noir. I just found
> this group after searching around on the web for anything to do with
> the local canton here. So anyway, Ottokar mentioned me a long time
> ago in a post talking about Le Tournoi du Soleil demo when he
> mentioned who won the A & S competition, me. I just thought i would
> introduce myself, via the internet, to anyone needing another contact
> here in B'ville.
>     BTW, i won the A & S competition with a coif i made. I'd gladly
> like to talk to anyone interested in maille such as myself or anyone
> perhaps liking to commission me to make them pieces.
> Renher Müller
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