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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 09:31:00 PDT 2003

Stefan's Florilegium (www.florilegium.org) has some
great discussions on period toys. Also Beorlic has a
great game called Boats (or at least that's what Marta
and I call is <<grinnnn>>) that is a Norse thing. Also
Mancala (you can get a pretty nice wooden set on the
15th Cent Isle at Wally-World for $10) is said to date
make to Moorish Spain, I haven't done my own research
on that so don't sue me if it's wrong.

The painter Pieter Brueghel the Elder, sometimes
spelled without the 'h', (who by the way is an
excelent sourse for a glimps of everyday life in the
1560's) has a painting called "Children's Games."
Here;s a link to view it:


Many of the "games" look downright dangerous and
painful to me... but maybe we can get some ideas from
it at least.


> 	Also, in general, Lahoma and I are looking for
> information on how to
> make/play period games and toys to keep the
> halflings occupied in a more
> period manner. I'm leaning toward cloth dolls for
> the girls. Is it plausible
> to have someone rough-carve some "action figure"
> type things for the boys?
> If so, whom would I contact? I know board games were
> played with, but which
> ones? Anyone know of any websites with info?
> 	Raghnailt
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