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Do you want to do a bring drinks and snacks sort of thing?


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  When and where will the Bardic Guild/Not-Going-to-Pennsic-Pity-Party meeting be held? Some of us here in Rivers Run might be interested in coming.

Right now, Bardic Guild is planned for Friday, August 8 at 7pm.  I know some people can't make it that day BUT I'm hoping this isn't a one-time thing.  Fret not :)  We will try to meet again soon.  

As to the place....my house.  I live in the south end of Tulsa, just off of the Creek Turnpike, near 101st and Mingo.  From the response I've been getting we'll probably end up in the back yard, which is fine.  Its fenced in and flat, so its perfect if everyone brings a chair to sit in.  In this heat, its probably better to wait until 7 to start, because the house will start shading the back yard the further the sun sinks down.  

I'm just going to stick my neck out at this point and say its a sure thing. :)  Whoever shows, welcome.  If you'd like to check online for directions, mapquest is always good. 

My exact address is: 9943 S. 95th East Avenue, Tulsa OK 74133
If you can't get a map off of the internet, just email me and I will send you the map or directions.

(Is that better, Kitty? :) ) 


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