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>         Is there any rule that says we can't have a Bardic meeting more 
> often than once a month?  Serena, I say go for it!  If you plan it, they will 
> come!  Besides, there are some people who can't make it to the one on the 8th, 
> but expressed an interest in coming to one.  I don't know all the protocol 
> for this though.  Bardry is my passion....so of course I'd be the first one to 
> jump up and down if this became a weekly event, but I'm not sure if that's 
> logistically possible.  Maybe three weeks at a conference room in a library and 
> once a month get together at someone's house for a more festive occasion?  I 
> just put the idea out for consideration.  Me and my enthusiasm. :)
> Das'vidanya!
> Kasha

       You can pretty much have one as often as people are willing to come 
out.  In the past the first few meetings tend to be well attended then 
attendance drops off.  I personally won't be doing a lot of weekday meetings.  Starting 
in September there will be nearby events almost every weekend through early 
November, and on those rare weekends when there isn't an event nearby people 
tend to want to stay home.  

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