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Hey - the SCA is fun and all but you have to go where they will pay you!!!!!!!!!!  I'm happy that you have a firm commitment for several years.  The people of Elfsea are lucky to have you among them.

See you at Wiesenfeuer!


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Greetings My fellow Northkeepers,

My job search has finally ended.....  It finds me in the Northern most part of the central Kingdom... only a bit further south than my present abode.....  I'll be in the Elfsea region--- this time it looks like it'll be a multi-year thing....

Good news is that I'm only a little further south, so I'll still be making all the Northern events, I'll be getting paid again (after a year that was spotty on that), and....  I'm DEFINATELY off for all of Gulf Wars.....  

for any that wished me back in the North, I tried, most of my interviews were in the Northkeep area...  

Hope to see many of you at Wiesenfeur's Baronial.....



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