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>From: "Mercedes/Stephanie" <steldr at cox.net>
>>From: "Baron, Meg" <Meg.Baron at experian.com>
>2. The Society Marshal reported that some Pas d'Armes-type tournaments,
>particularly "As Real Men Fought" tournaments, are being held in various
>kingdoms with certain combat dispensations, i.e., grappling.  It is the
>Society Marshal's interpretation of the Pas rule in the current handbook
>that this is not allowed and should not be allowed.  Section V.C. of the
>handbook, under acknowledgement of blows, clearly limits Pas dispensations
>to one method of alternate blow calling, counted blows and nothing else.
>Therefore, all and any special combats may not include any form of 
>and all such actions will cease immediately.

Right, like that's a surprise....

Ok, simple question -- if an officer can not use lists, even lists where 
they are known to particiapate, to make official statements -- why must 
officers be careful to distinguish between opinions and official comments by 
email to lists?  In other words, if something can NOT exist in the first 
place, isn't protecting against it silly/redundant/a waste of time?

(sorry, slow day here at rancho boredom)

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