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Anyone who has gone to a Gulf Wars knows how much work goes into it's
planning and execution.  What is most visible to Ansteorrans is the work
done by the Ansteorran Land Staff.  This group of people volunteer to get to
the War early and work very hard Saturday and Sunday helping setup the
overall site and laying out land for each group in Ansteorra.  More often
then not, this same group of people also stay late on Sunday taking down
what they setup and making sure that the Ansteorran land is clean.

We would like to do a couple of things differently this year.  First, we
would like to get commitments from as many people as we can to stay a little
later helping take down and clean up Ansteorra's part of Gulf Wars.  This
involves taking down the standing figures that you see when you drive into
King's Arrow Ranch, and all of the heralds boards that are set up throughout
the site.  This crew will also be responsible for making sure that all trash
is pickup and all trenches and fire pits are filled throughout the
Ansteorran encampments.

Because not everyone filled in their trenches last year, the cleanup crew
did not leave site until almost 5:00 in the afternoon.  This brings me to
the second change we would like to make this year.  We are asking that
before the last person/s from each camping group leaves site, they
"checkout" with the cleanup crew coordinator.  This year that person is the
Deputy Liaison, Baron Godwin of Edington.  If everyone does their part, the
cleanup crew should be able to leave around noon or 1:00.

If you are willing to make a commitments to the cleanup crew, please let
Baron Godwin know ASAP.  You can email him at djurgens at swbell.net, call him
at 713-690-5434, or get with him at Gulf Wars during the week.  If you do
not have the ability to stay until noon or 1:00, your help is still wanted.
Just let Godwin know how long you can help when you volunteer.

In Service to War and Kingdom,

Ansteorran Gulf Wars Staff
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