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Just in case somebody isn't on Ansteorra announce or
happened to miss this.....


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> Calling all Artisans and Would-be Artisans of
> Ansteorra --
> This year is the official Elfsea 25th Defender, as
> decreed by His
> Excellency, Daniel Stewart, Baron of Elfsea.  In
> honor of this glorious
> milestone of our fine Barony, we are desirous of
> having a truly magnificent
> site token.  In order to achieve this end, there
> will be a competition held
> at Elfsea's SpringFaire, April 4 - 6, 2003, to
> select the token that will be
> used.
> We are asking everyone who receives this missive
> (and for those who don't we
> ask all who do receive it to pass the word along) to
> come to SpringFaire
> with an example of the token that they think would
> be suitable for such an
> event.  The example of the token, in whatever medium
> that you work best in,
> should also come with an projected cost of making
> some 500 of these tokens.
> Judging will be held throughout the day on Saturday
> of the event and the
> winner will be announced at court that evening.
> More details will be forthcoming after the frenzy of
> Gulf War has passed us
> by, but this missive is to start those creative
> juices flowing.
> Lord Ceatta o Gulcleth
> Coordinator of the Elfsea 25th Defender Site Token
> Competition
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