[Northkeep] Shopping finds

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Mar 16 01:31:11 PST 2003

We visited the new Tandy and the leather siscors that Angus recomeded as a
must have were on sale for $17 something.  We also picked up a rune stamp set.

Other note, as there are more people we have discussed this with than I can
remember for personal e-mail.  Tam once noted that she could wear ivory
foundation in August with a tan.  Elizabeth Arden is now using the same
color matching technology as the paint people and blend foundation to match
your skin tone.  They were shocked with how pale Kit's was, but it really
matched and was amazing.  We have so many people with pale skin that I
thought you might want to check it out, the process and sample are
free.  If you go to Dillards at Woodland, mention Kit sent you...


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