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> (Announcement sent by request, please forward to interested people or
> groups. -Sorcha)
> Important Announcement Regarding KWCS / KWAR, October 17-19 in the
> Barony of Caerthe.
> This year's best Known World event, Known World Costuming Symposium
> (KWCS) and Known World Academy of the Rapier (KWAR) is now taking
> online reservations for the event. If you are planning on attending
> this extraordinary event, please take a few moments to pre-register.
> Pre-registering not only guarantees you quick entrance at the door,
> but discounts on the event itself.
> Visit the event website at: www.caerthe.org/knownworld and select the
> focus of your event. Registering at either the KWCS site or the KWAR
> site takes care of registration for both events and all activities.
> If you have any questions please contact the autocrats or publicity
> coordinator.
> THL Eirene - KWCS Autocrat - maredudd at caerthe.org
> THL Rivka - KWAR Autocrat - rivka at caerthe.org
> Lord Robert - Publicity Coordinator - deerbourne at caerthe.org

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