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Thu Mar 27 12:16:09 PST 2003

The Blue Star Moms, an organization made up of parents and familiy of US
service-men and -women, has been conducting a drive this past week to
collect items for our troops. They are seeking volunteers (and last minute
donations of items or funds to help pay postage) to help pack and label the
supplies this weekend.

Quoting their email:

"Thank you for your email and as you can understand we are a bit
overwhelmed with all the donations ( not complaining) We love the
outpouring of love and devotion to the troops.  We will be going to the
storage building on Saturday and setting up tables to write the custom
forms on and also to seperate the materials into boxes for the troops.

We will be at the storage building tonight unloading all the donations that
have been taken to Mix-96 radio around 5:30 or so and then again Friday
evening weather permiting.

We would love to have anyone that wants to come and assist us.  The
building is at 14 and Sheridan.  Storage USA.  I am not completely sure on
the time yet, but should be starting around 9:00 am.  I will be there later
in the after noon as I have been commited to other things that morning.
The President Barbara will be there  as well as a couple other officers and

Money is great.. either in checks or just the green stuff.  All the help we
can get with postage is so greatly appreciated as it will cost quite a sum
to get this to our troops, but well worth every penny.  You can send the
donations to our P O Box 2306 Tulsa, OK 74101-2306 or you can bring it with
you on Saturday. "

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