[Northkeep] for those who shop ebay..keep an eye out...pls

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Fri Mar 28 16:55:34 PST 2003

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> Date:  Fri Mar 28, 2003  4:16 pm
> STOLEN TRAILER (ten pavillions, books, regailia and
> county coronet)
> This morning (3/28) a trailer belonging to Brian
> Thornbird was stolen
> from Union City, CA. It contained ten SCA pavilions,
> a couple of
> cases of books from Chivalry Bookshelf, and all of
> his personal garb
> and regalia, including his county coronet. Please
> keep an eye out on
> eBay and at any swap meets or flea markets you go to
> for anything
> that might look like it came from them. You can
> contact Brian at
> brian at c... or his wife at annmprice at y...
> Please cross post this wherever you think it will
> reach people who
> are likely to see this stuff. This was a major
> theft. It happened out
> west, but who knows where the stuff will eventually
> turn up.

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