[Northkeep] STOLEN pick up truck

Mark D. Conklin N7XYO markdc at olpdsl.net
Mon Mar 31 21:33:32 PST 2003

I got a Surprize after POP tonight.   So..........  Please

Keep you eyes out for my STOLEN pick up truck.

A 1992 Maroon in color Chevy 1500 Sliverado Extended cab pick-up
Z71 style with tow bar.   No tail gate on back, big aluminum tool box in
back of bed.

Oklahoma Amature Radio Tag: N7XYO

Lots of antennas, SKYWARN decal and American Flack on left side of rear

If you see it, call the police!

Tulsa Police Report #2003-023421


Marcus Quietly
Mark Conklin N7XYO
1-888-597-1492 Pager
(918) 366-2007 Hm
(918) 622-6262 Wk
(918) 232-8346 Mobile
n7xyo at arrl.net

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