[Northkeep] Mikal the Ram recordings

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Wed Mar 5 09:54:43 PST 2003

When we talked to him at Lillies he was thinking about getting one back into
production.  We have 1 that is mostly saga and Thorvald has one that is more

Perhaps we should get up an e-mail campaign and flood him with letters
requesting that he re-release some things. :)

I know that there was a merchant at Lillies selling some of his stuff.  I
have his e-mail somewhere - I'll drop him a line.

BTW - for those of you who know him, I saw him at Calontir Crown Tourney in
January - he has been suffering from Hepatitis for the last few years and in
December got a clean bill from his doctors........ He looked much healthier
than he had in a great while.

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I know that there are several recordings of Mikal the
Ram out there-- I was wondering where one purchases a
copy? Are they all pirates? Can I pirate a copy and
then find an address to send him some money? If anyone
has an idea, please let me know-- Thanks,


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