[Northkeep] Shopping finds

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Mar 16 11:05:15 PST 2003

Zenobia wrote:

>If you don't mind telling, how much was the rune stamp set?

Don't have the reciept here, but think it was $16 or so.

>The latest Ulta flyer offers a free bag full of cosmetic goodies (pictured
>at www.ulta.com )with any Elizabeth Arden purchase of $21 or more.  And
>there's a $3 coupon on the front.  Ulta is great if you like to try
>everything - they have 'beauty consultants', but they also have this huge
>'try-it' island with all their makeup products on it.

They had a freebe bag, but was a different one.

>Speaking of shopping finds, are you coming to the Shimmy Outside The Box
>Ethnic Bazaar on March 29 (Airport Radisson)?  Here's the shortlist of
>what will be available:

Sorry we didn't make it, had to get home in time to meet the guy the girls
were heading out to the movies with,

How did it go?


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