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Well, there's one hafla Friday night (3/28) at an Indian restaurant, but that's just for people doing the workshop.  Looks like I'll be at the airport picking up Kamuran for a good part of that.  Then there's a big hafla for everyone Saturday (3/29) after the show (which starts at 7:30), so probably around 10 p.m.  If anyone needs advance show tickets ($10, $12 at the door), let me know.  The bazaar is free.

I'm still hoping to get some local SCA people together with Kamuran that Sunday.  He'll be leading the Monday-night drum circle before flying back to Atlanta on Tuesday (4/1).  These are his self-described specialties in the SCA:  play with kids, sing, European dance, heraldry,
calligraphy, rapier, flirtation, write articles, teach classes, and most
recently, Peach Curry.

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  >The bazaar hasn't happened yet.  It's March 29 - a week from this coming
  >Saturday.  So you still have plenty of time to grab the girls, the guys,
  >and some friends and come on over.  If you come to the show, plan to stay
  >late for the hafla.  So far, we have 81 dancers and drummers coming.

  Wow, not sure why I thought it was this weekend.  When is the hafla?


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