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Hi, Chris!

Are you looking for classes in Tulsa?  If so, there is a lot going on.  There are Middle Eastern drum classes every Monday night, 7-9 p.m.,  at All Souls Unitarian Church, 2952 S. Peoria.  The charge is $2 ($1 for the church and $1 for a fund to buy more loaner drums).  There are 2 or 3 guys who drive in from Tahlequah for that class.  There is an excellent bellydance instructor in far southeast Tulsa, and she also has the best price in the area.  $30 a month for one hour a week.  Her name is Lilik, and her number is 918-459-7550. Faolan has taken classes from her in the past.  Lilik will be visiting the drum class next week, to teach the drummers a little about bellydance, so you could get a feel for both in one evening.  There is some talk about having her come on a monthly basis.

If you want to learn a lot in a hurry, there's a big workshop on March 28 at the Tulsa Airport Radisson Inn.  Uncle Mafufo, of the California group Sirocco, will be teaching the drummers, and Karen Barbee, of San Antonio, will be teaching the dancers.  Mafufo will also have a beginning rhythm class for both drummers and dancers.  Contact me privately, or click on the link below, for info about registering.

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Shimmy Outside The Box and DRUMFEST
Workshops with Karen Barbee and Uncle Mafufo
Tulsa Airport Radisson Inn, March 28-30, 2003

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  this is chris from tahlequah and i was looking for some info for belly dancing and drumming classes when where how much and what not



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