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Thank you, Lady Susan, we both appreciate your kind words.  What is the date for the populace meeting that is on monday, anyway?
 Susan O'Neal <catmafia at swbell.net> wrote:At 06:29 PM 3/24/2003 -0800, you wrote:
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>Greetins to the populace of Narthkeep. My Lady and I just moved to
>Ansteorra from Calontir-Atenveldt before that-and are trying to find out
>if anyone is in the Vinita OK area. Also, what I need to do for
>autorization for fighting and marshalling here. I have both for Calontir
>and Atenveldt. We look forward to hearing from folks soon!
>Ld. Skerri Valtorsson, Esq.
>Ld. Annis atte Roseberry

Greetings to our Barony, we look forward to making your acquaintence. I
cannot answer any of your questions, but hope you are able to make it to
populace next Monday.

Susan the Curious

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