[Northkeep] returning north?

uilliacc wmbrett at theshop.net
Mon May 5 08:56:44 PDT 2003

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Greetings friends,

this is in part mundane,  I am applying to the Mannford school system for three teaching positions all falling under my liscensing (art, history, math)....  I have played with many of Moonschadowe and Northkeep so many of the lovely shire and barony know me...

Mundanely I am Brett McMahan, if any one knows any of the people one should know for this kind of thing in Mannford, the information might be helpful in bringing me back to reside in the shire...  also, if this progresses as I hope it will info regarding lodging(ie a place to rent) for the year would also be very appreciated...

in greatful service
uilliacc macuilliecc
have scrolls, will travel

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