[Northkeep] Crown Tourney Thanks

Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Mon May 5 11:20:58 PDT 2003

What an absolutely awesome event.  Northkeep truly shines. Many, many thanks
to all who made this event so wonderful. I am proud and honored to be part
of such a group of people. To say more I could only echo what has been said
by folks who say it much better than I.

I do have some personal thanks yous for those folks who helped with the
Laurel's Tea.  Thanks to Dirgelion, Aisling and Montega for their help in
setting up and serving, and thank you Dirgelion for the breads.  Thanks to
the Scribal Guild regulars who were guinea pigs....huh, taste testers for
the Period baked goods and thanks to Mathius who even did some test baking.
Thanks to Galiwyn for toting things. And most especially a big thank you to
Rosemund for all of the help in planning and cooking and testing and for
keeping me almost sane.

In Service


and, in case it need to be said again---NORTHKEEP ROCKS!

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