[Northkeep] The Pride of Northkeep

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Mon May 5 19:05:54 PDT 2003

Greetings all,

In general Northkeep goes a good job at what ever they apply themselves to.
This weekend they did a great job. This event was well attended, well fed,
well ran, and well just a darn good time. With a few exceptions this was one
of the best crown tourneys I have attended. It ranks up there as one of my
top ten all time favorite events.

This Barony has so much to be proud of. The people of this barony set a high
goal for themselves and they worked hard to achieved it. With the success of
Crown Tourney I can hardly wait to see what you do with Castellan.

For those of you that remember when I was seneschal you will remember me
harping on how if each of us did a little no one would have to do a lot.
Despite all the hardship this Barony has endured it drew together in a way
that few can and I saw that this weekend. I saw people from all walks of the
SCA working together doing their part and the success of this event can be
contributed in part to that cooperation.

However we can not let our pride swell beyond our ability to support it.
Bare that pride within you like the noble lion and let it shine like the
blazon rays of the black star. Weld that feeling in your words and deeds,
deliver it with your honor and skill upon the field,  own the triumph of
this event and make it yours. Then take that feeling with you everywhere you
go. Travel far and wide and help others in the Kingdom feel the same way
about their events. The dream is richer because of each of you...all of you
bring something to this game. All of you have something to share...don't
keep this feeling pent up at home,  go South and West, North and East, and
spread your good feelings with you. Build up those around you as you have
been built up and this game will only grow richer.

Castellan is a full event with more competitions than a Greco-Roman
Olympiad. When we draw together again as a barony at that event bring more
of what you did at Crown tourney there and then just imagine how great of an
event it will be. The decision is after all yours to make.

I want to thank all of you out there who were involved in crown for making
it such a great event, and for all of those of you who will be at Castellan
making it a great event. For just a little bit I felt like the game had left
me but this weekend you all reminded my why I could never leave this game.
Northkeep its people, its friends, and its neighbors are the very heart and
soul of Chivalry, Honor, and the SCA. Whether you feel it at the end of the
work day, or see it in the mirror in the morning...whether you believe me or
not, you are my heroes.

I now end, welling with joy and pride for each of you.
With the kindest of regards I remain,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan

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