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OttokarLuther at aol.com OttokarLuther at aol.com
Tue May 6 01:14:56 PDT 2003

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I would like to personally invite any new comer (or old timer for that
matter) to camp with me and or the Incipient Canton of Chemin Noir at any
event that we are at. I cannot guarantee that we will spend every minuet with
you but we will do our best to introduce you to any and all of the people
that we know. heck who knows you may like us and find some new SCA buddies to
camp with when you go to events (having buddies at camp is half of the

I have been playing for almost 13 years now and for the vast majority of the
time i had no real idea where i would fit in about 3 years ago i finally
figured it out (ask me when were at camp) but one thing i will tell you is
that we are not actors, this is not a play, and you are not the audience if
you want to have fun in the SCA jump in and do something. Talk to people and
look for someone you click with.

here is my event schedule

Next weekend I will be at Eldern XXV
the following weekend I plan on attending Namron's Beltain Games
then on the last weekend of the month I will be at North Keeps Castilian
and finally the first weekend in June I will be here at home at Chemin Noir

Look for the gold Banner with a black stripe down the middle and come over
introduce yourself and make yourself at home

In service
Ld. Ottokar Luther Von Holstein
Lt. of the Baronial Guard North Keep,
Marksman Mooneschadowe, XX, XXII
NRTW Marshal
Seneschal Le incipient Canton du Chemin Noir under the protection of North
Keep (the greatest Barony in the known world)

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