[Northkeep] Seamstress some might want to check out

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Wed May 7 08:31:06 PDT 2003

Lahoma sent this to me to distribute.  This lady lives in Tahlequah,
actually just down the street from my mother, and has made much of their
garb and mundanly does alot of sewing.  I hope this is of use to someone,


All of her sewing is very high quality and ridiculously cheap!  She also
guarantees her work in case a seam busts or a hem is pulled!  The prices
listed do not include the cost of the fabric.  And, she will use the fabric
that you supply or she will get the materials for you and provide a receipt
so that you can reimburse her.  Kat can work off of a pattern or a picture,
the last dress that she made for me she just looked at a picture from a garb
book and eyeballed the measurements and it could not have fit any better or
looked any less like the picture if I had paid to have the dress ordered
from the book.

  Price list:
Simple sir coat $15-$20
Fancy sir coat $45-and up
Basic pull on pants $15
Children's pants $8
Basic shirt $15
Children's shirt $8
Fancy adult shirt $20-$25
Adult unlined no hood $20-$25
Lined $$35-$40
Lined, with hood $45 and up
Children's cloak $$25-$25
Basic chemise (under dress-t-dress) $15
Children's chemise $10
T tunic with lined sleeves $20-$25
Arming cap $8

This is just a sample of some of the things that Kat has made for me so the
actual list is much longer, if there is something on here  that you need I
am sure that she will give you a great price.  She also gives a 10% discount
off of these prices for SCA participants.  Anyway, if anyone is interested
please let me know and I will send you her phone number and such.  Also,
Chris will be making the trip to Tulsa for fighter practice more frequently
now that school is out and we will help make arrangements for delivery so
that no one has to make several trips down to Tahlequah.

Either e-mail here at work, <Lahoma.Simon at mail.ihs.gov>, or by phone at the
house, 918-456-7890, or here from 8-5 is fine
as well the number is 456-0671 ext. 2487.

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