[Northkeep] Another person for garb

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Wed May 7 09:18:31 PDT 2003

While I'm thinking about it, I'll give you guys the info on who made my
garb this weekend and the dress Kit wore at Winterkingdom.  Her name is
Amalia and she recently moved from Steppes to Elfsea.  She is
incredible.  We met her at Steppe's 12th night and played dress up at her
house afterwards.  I was talking with Duchess Larissa about her and she was
saying how incredible at crafting patterns she is.  Many of the dresses
like mine at the event were made by her, probably 10 or so of them, and she
also made the new garb Modius was wearing.  She also makes shoes, she is
making Kit a pair of pattens soon and has her thistle in shoemaking and
costuming and also an iris.  She also makes jewelry, this is what her
mundane degree is in.

Yet again, awsome person-she was wearing a blue dress similer to mine and
her husband was in a blue outfit with dagged sleeves, they were staying
with Enterage and had the beautiful white dog, if you are trying to put a
face with the name.  Her web site is at
http://home.texoma.net/~bperkins/gallery.html and it has many pictures of
garb she has made.

Hope this helps more with their garb aquisition.  Also for those needing
corsets, she makes great ones.  Kit and I had ours fitted this weekend and
I loved it, very comfortable and the fit was incredible.  I now need to get
something new tudor done.  Other garb aside, if anyone is interested in
buying my dress I wore to Investiture, let me know off list.  I don't think
fitting it is something that is going to happen again, it is about a size
16, DD size chest.  It can be seen at


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